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Lithuanian Internet infrastructure’s criticality and resilience was evaluated for the first time

2013 / 04 / 04

Lithuanian Communications Regulatory Authority has initiated the Lithuanian Internet infrastructure‘s criticality and resilience to be evaluated for the first time. UAB BAIP together with researchers from Kaunas University of Technology has performed a study that provides the methodology and model for identification and evaluation of Lithuanian Internet infrastructure‘s critical elements and their monitoring.

The effectiveness of both private and public sector operations as well as accessibility and quality of electronic services to the citizens depend on secure and reliable operation of the information and communication technology sector. Any negative impact on the functioning of this sector can have major consequences to important functions of the society. The conclusions of independent experts will help the CRA to coordinate its actions in the fight against the spread of cyber attacks more effectively, and enable it to perform active cyber defence in accordance with the principles of technologic neutrality, transparency and publicity.

According to the head of the CERT-CRA team Dr. Rytis Rainys, „CRA, that has been working in the field on national Internet security for many years, needed scientific  methodology and new suggestions in regard to the technology tools, evaluation of the Internet network infrastructure‘s critical elements, their operational reliability and their effective monitoring in real time. As a result of this study, we will be able to identify the insufficiently protected parts of the inter-networks that due to their vulnerability can cause danger to the whole Internet infrastructure on a national level”.

„For us not only theoretical but also practical aspect of this study is important. Therefore, we have paid a lot of attention to ensure that the developed models and the suggested technical solutions would continue the purposeful efforts of the CRA. If these solutions are implemented, they will help the CRA to monitor the availability of the critical elements of the Lithuanian Internet infrastructure and its’ performance status in both Lithuanian and outside inter-networks” – highlighted the CEO of BAIP Kazimieras Tonkūnas.

About the Communications Regulatory Authority

The Communications Regulatory Authority of the Republic of Lithuania is an independent national institution regulating communications sector in Lithuania. It was established under the Law on Telecommunications and the provisions of the European Union Directives. The role of the national regulator of communications is crucial in regulating relationship amongst communications market participants, in creating effective competition conditions for undertakings, in defending interests of service users as well as in promoting the advent of new and modern technologies and use of services at the national level.

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