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Mobility management solution in SEB bank across the Baltics

Case study
2015 / 10 / 23

BAIP entered into the market of enterprise mobility management (EMM) solutions and services and implemented one of its first projects in SEB bank across the Baltics. BAIP deployed an enterprise mobility management solution which allows employees to access and use company data via e-mail, calendar in their personal mobile devices in a quick, convenient and safe mode while separating corporate data from personal at the same time.

BAIP implemented an enterprise mobility management solution in SEB bank Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia as well as agreed on long-term maintenance and support services.

„While developing information management, security and resilience solutions as well as discussing these issues with our clients we have realised that corporations are concerned about the possibilities to separate personal and corporate information in the mobile devices, and manage it in a unified mode. The feeling of insecurity and the risk of damaging sensitive information held in mobile devices gives a potential for the EMM solutions market to grow. We expect annual 30-50 percent market growth in the next 4 years. Considering this trend, we have invested in the EMM solutions and services with our partner MobileIron. We are happy as the solution has met our expectations and BAIP has implemented its first EMM projects in SEB bank across the Baltics as well as a public sector organisation in Lithuania”, – Gytis Umantas, CEO of BAIP shared the best practice.

„Now bank‘s employees can access company’s e-mail, calendar and other data from their personal mobile devices – phones or tablets in a safe mode. It saves time and allows employees to take prompt decisions when they are out of office, on a business trip. The effectiveness of IT unit will be increased as we can support all mobile devices simultaneously with the EMM solution. We chose BAIP to implement this project as a partner and company which is enterprise mobility management solutions certified and has dedicated professionals”, – says Jonas Gudmundsson, Operations and IT manager of SEB bank Baltics.

Mobility solutions company MobileIron highlights the impact of technologies

Claus Nussbaum, Austria and East Europe region manager of MobileIron highlights the impact of technologies and points out that mobility and the new way of human life change enterprises, fostering them to look for new, safe management styles.

However, mobility opens up new possibilities. Streaming to become mobile first, enterprises can respond to the market demands, reduce costs and allow their employees to use personal mobile devices at work.

Building a wide ecosystem with its technological partners and mobile apps developers, MobileIron with its EMM solution transformed into mobile first more than 8 000 companies all over the world. The list includes large finance and banking corporations such as Nasdaq, UniCredit, Barclays, Standard Life, and NIBC over the last five years.

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