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Novian group companies contribute to aid for Ukraine

2022 / 03 / 17

The Novian group’s companies are contributing to support for Ukraine and its people amid the war the country finds itself in. Novian companies have contributed a total of EUR 20,000 to the Red Cross and SOS Children’s Villages.

The Lithuanian Red Cross is using the money it raises address the basic needs of Ukrainians fleeing from the war in Ukraine to Lithuania. It is distributing humanitarian packages, food, medicines and other necessities to Ukrainians in Lithuania while also offering them psychosocial assistance and help of all kinds for children.

SOS Children’s Villages of Lithuania is directly assisting SOS Children’s Villages of Ukraine in this difficult time. The organisation is doing its utmost to keep children and families in danger safe: relocating children and families, providing them with food, medicine and other essentials, as well as new places to stay. It also cares for children who have lost their parents and children living in the care of other families or in state-run homes.

“We are following the war in Ukraine with deep concern. We support the people of Ukraine in the battle for their country and call on all who can to help and contribute. These days, the importance of the eternal values of freedom and peace is especially clear and human kindness is proving vital. So, I encourage being kind and considerate and lending each other a hand when needed,” says Evaldas Rėkus, the CEO of the Novian group.

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