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Novian joins the EnergyTech Digital group

2021 / 11 / 11

Novian group has joined the EnergyTech Digital group. This initiative, which unites Lithuanian companies and organizations, will promote the wider use of digital technologies in the energy sector.

This project brings together researchers, energy and IT companies to explore the possibilities of AI, IoT technologies and open data technologies and the needs of the energy sector, identifying areas with the greatest potential. The project is co-organised by the Lithuanian digital technology association Infobalt and EPSO-G, a group of energy companies.

In addition to various national energy and IT companies, the group’s members include Kaunas University of Technology, Vilnius Gediminas Technical University and the Faculty of Mathematics and Informatics of Vilnius University. Intelligent Energy Lab is a partner. The Ministry of Energy of the Republic of Lithuania participates as an Honorary Member.

“Today’s energy sector is inseparable from innovation, without which the expectations of efficiency and sustainability cannot be fulfilled. We believe that cooperation in this project can be beneficial for the energy sector and provide a growth opportunity for the companies involved in the project,” said Rokas Ralys, Head of Digital Transformation and Innovation at Novian.

Elsis PRO, an information systems and software development company, which has joined the Novian group in 2021, has contributed to such projects in the sector of energy as the implementation of information systems for collecting data from gas metering devices in Amber Grid’s gas transmission system and remote control of technological processes, developing and implementing software and a model to ensure the safety and integrity of pipelines.

Novian Group companies operate in three main areas of IT infrastructure, software services and digitalisation, and implement projects ranging from the smooth day-to-day running of IT operations, to programming – the development of city- or country-wide information systems – and digitalisation solutions.

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