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Novian joins the Lithuanian Business Confederation

2024 / 04 / 04

Novian, a programming and IT infrastructure services group, has become a member of the Lithuanian Business Confederation (LBC). As a member of the LBC, one of the country’s largest business organisations, Novian will seek to be more actively involved in projects of interest to the organisation and Novian companies, particularly in areas such as innovation development, quantum technologies and defence sector development.

‘A strong business also means bigger potential for the country, so it is important for us to contribute to the creation of a favourable business environment and to the enhancement of its international opportunities’, says Tomas Vitkus, the CEO of Novian group.

According to Vitkus, in recent years, Novian group has been active in innovation-driven technology areas such as artificial intelligence, big data and high-performance computing clusters. At the end of 2023, a group company Novian Technologies became one of the founding members of the Lithuanian Quantum Technology Association and, together with its partners, aims to continue to develop in this field and increase the country’s competitiveness internationally.

The Lithuanian Business Confederation represents 36 business associations and 3,500 companies throughout its membership network and acts as a social partner, actively supporting dialogue between businesses and public authorities to create a favourable business environment. The Confederation also contributes to the development of business opportunities internationally.

In addition to that, the LBC is part of the world’s largest business organisation, bringing together businesses from more than 120 countries. Its main objective is to promote international trade and investment and to help businesses meet the challenges and opportunities of globalisation.

Novian companies have been working in Lithuania for more than twenty years and have implemented thousands of projects.

Novian group, which is active in IT infrastructure, digitisation and programming, consists of seven companies across the Baltic States, Norway, Moldova and Rwanda and has more than 250 employees.

In 2022, Novian group had aggregated revenue of EUR 33 million, an increase of 27.9% over the previous year. The group companies generated EUR 25 million, or 76% of their revenues, in Lithuania. The group’s total geographical coverage amounted to 36 countries worldwide in 2022.

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