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NVIDIA DGX Station was officially brought to Lithuania, it is the first such high performance computer in the Baltic States

2019 / 09 / 05

The NVIDIA DGX Station is the next generation high performance computer (HPC) designed and intended for research teams engaged in development of AI (Artificial Intelligence) products. Computing capacity of the NVIDIA DGX Station is on par with the most powerful computer cluster currently operating in Lithuania. This powerful device was brought to the country by BAIP, the only official NVIDIA partner in the Baltic States, legally authorized to sell, install and maintain NVIDIA hardware and software in the region. It is an important partnership that will ensure seamless delivery of technologies, professional installation, and formal support from a certified partner and, where appropriate, from the manufacturer in development of high performance computer cluster architecture, integration, installation and operation of powerful technologies across the region.

The device was acquired by a Polish biotechnology research organization, which uses artificial intelligence to create neural networks that study plant genome at the nucleotide level. The NVIDIA DGX Station will be a tool that will facilitate research to replace plant cultivation, engineering and selection methods. The customer is developing technologies based on research of deep neural networks, capable of understanding the genome at the nucleotide level. Artificial neural networks predict and hypothesize causes of a specific trait and ways to transfer it to other organisms.

NVIDIA started as a game graphics developer; today the company has become a supplier of powerful graphics accelerator architecture based high-performance computer systems, that are extensively applied to everyday tasks in the automotive, pharmaceutical, healthcare, science, research, finance, energy and other industries. NVIDIA and its partners have built the world’s most powerful supercomputer, the first self-driving car, and created the most impressive movie and video game graphics.

NVIDIA is one of the strategic technology and software partners whose products BAIP uses to develop architectural solutions for high performance computer clusters in Lithuania and worldwide.

Earlier this year another very important and unique high-performance computer cluster has been deployed by BAIP in Ouagadougou, capital of Burkina Faso, West Africa. With the help of this system, scientists at WASCAL, the international interdisciplinary research center, are performing complex modelling tasks to predict the effects of climate change in the West African region and to help locals adapt to changing conditions.

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