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Police Department started using CopyPrint service

Case study
2014 / 01 / 08

Police Department under the Ministry of the Interior of the Republic of Lithuania announced that they will be getting printing and copying services from BAIP, which proposed an integrated service CopyPrint. The tender was announced in order to optimize document printing, copying and scanning processes and their management, to ensure security of printed and copied documents, and implement “FollowMe” functionality.
“While looking for a printing and copying solution we have set ourselves an objective to optimize document printing, copying and scanning processes and their management to ensure the security of printed, copied and scanned documents as well as to keep an explicit account of printed documents – who is printing, how much and what. We will take another step towards a wider usage of electronic documents or digital copies of the documents in our business processes. We hope that this will help to optimize the costs allocated to copying and printing. BAIP is an experienced company, so we believe that we will succeed in achieving our goals”, said the head of Police Information Board Artūras Kavolis.


CEO of service provider BAIP Gytis Umantas noted that after the introduction of CopyPrint service, the management of the Police Department will be able to get reports on the copies made/ material printed by each user or a selected department,  through a specific device, during a specific period of time.


“Knowing the price of one copy makes it very easy to predict and manage the cost allocation for this service. Once installed, the authentication solution will also ensure security of the printed documents. Because of the “Follow me” functionality, only certain people will be able to print and copy relevant documents by selecting any installed device”, said G. Umantas.


The contract has come into force in November 2013 and will be valid for three years. During the agreed period, all printing – copying equipment maintenance, supplies and consumables, replacement of parts and repair services will be provided by BAIP, which assures service 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.


CopyPrint service provider equipped the Police Department with ten A4 black and white (A-type) and four colour A3 (B -type) devices, each of which has software that allows management of the flow of the documents and records. Based on public tender requirements, authentication terminals and software that will allow only registered users to print, copy and scan documents have been installed in each device. The system is integrated with Police Department’s Active Directory.

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