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Project on the Development and Expansion of Integrated Tax Information System Successfully Completed

2014 / 11 / 19

Elsis PRO UAB has successfully completed the project during which the Integrated Tax Information System (IMIS) was improved and expanded. The client of the project was the State Tax Inspectorate under the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Lithuania (VMI).

The project developed new electronic services which were then integrated in the uniform e-services platform ESKIS (Taxpayers Electronic Education, Consultation and Information Service System) used by the VMI. Moreover, modification of other IMIS applications important in the VMI operation was carried out and the strategy for the reorganisation of IMIS was drawn up.

During the project the following tasks were fulfilled:

  • Functionality of acceptation and processing of tax returns was expanded (DEKA application),
  • Pursuant to the changes in legislation, the administration of land tax was correspondingly adjusted (ŽEMĖ application),
  • Provision of the service of administration of issuing business certificates was updated (VELA application),
  • E-service of information of taxpayers’ debts was realized (PASLAUGOS application),
  • Administration of tobacco and alcohol related violations was realised (ATPK application),
  • Various ITIS integration solutions were developed (ESKIS, DODVS, etc.).

During the project integration interfaces between ESKIS and IMIS, between document management and work organisation system, used by the VMI (DODVS), and IMIS were created.

Oracle Forms, Oracle Reports, Oracle PL/SQL, Oracle Advanced Queuing technologies were used in the project.

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