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Project on the Development of Tax Accounting Information System Successfully Completed

2014 / 08 / 21

Elsis PRO in cooperation with the joint activity partner Affecto Lietuva has successfully completed the project “Public Procurement of Development Services of the Tax Accounting Information System (MAIS) in Developing Electronic Services for Taxpayers”, during which one of the most complicated information systems used by the State Tax Inspectorate under the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Lithuania (VMI), namely, the MAIS was improved.

The project developed new electronic services which were then integrated in the uniform e-services platform ESKIS (Taxpayers’ Electronic Education, Consultation and Information Service System) used by the VMI. The following services are already available and can be used by taxpayers:

  • Electronic management of agreements for the payment of tax arrears;
  • Formalisation of messages, urging messages, reminding messages related to the recovery of arrears and their submission to taxpayers as well as the provision of information to taxpayers on the arrears recovery procedures carried out;
  • Electronic management of sales operations of assets transferred to the State;
  • Electronic management of self-service of mistakenly transferred amounts and overpayments;
  • Electronic coordination of the remainder of tax duties with payers.

During the project integration interfaces ESKIS and MAIS were created between the document management and work organisation system used by the VMI (DODVS) and the MAIS.

Oracle E-Business Suite (EBS), Oracle XML Publisher, Oracle PL/SQL, Java technologies were used in the project.

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