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Resilience of systems issues were discussed in the only conference in the Baltic states

2015 / 03 / 02

IT specialists from Lithuania, Estonia, Sweden, Poland, other European countries and Israel presented and analysed issues, related with resilience of systems, together with participants of conference solved practical cases, how to ensure business continuity in the organisations in the conference „Technologies and resilience 2015“ on February 26th.


„I am happy to announce that the conference becomes traditional and gathered such a big amount of IT professionals and top managers, who are concerned about the IS resilience and assurance in their organisations“, − highlighted Gytis Umantas, the CEO of UAB BAIP, the organiser of the event.


Innovations and practical experience of resilience were the main trends, that were presented by acknowledged companies such as TeraSky, IBM, Microsoft, EMC, Cisco, WatchGuard, CommVault, Dell and BAIP. Software-defined storage, data management technologies, databases, assurance of systems resilience in general and in the context of the national defence, open modular architectures of IT infrastructure for data centers, business continuity solutions with clouds, smart cloud virtual storage centres and other actual questions were discussed by experts.


„Elimination of incidents is a long and nonpredictable process with a high probability of losses, if you do not have business continuity plan and operative data backup tools. It happens, that a crash of a non-critical component can provoke a domino effect in the whole infrastructure chain“, – specified the practical experience Nerijus Šarnas, BAIP systems integration group manager. Later on expert also consulted conference participants in the simulation, where they analysed and offered strategical solutions how to build up IT infrastructure and ensure their resilience.

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