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    Some expert insights after “RedHat Summit’2020 Virtual” Conference

    Case study
    2020 / 05 / 13
    < 1 MIN. READING

    Recently we had a chance to experience Red Hat Summit’2020 Virtual.

    For those who were too busy and did not manage to participate, we would like to share good news: Summit is now on demand and stay there till the next Summit’2021!

    Here’s the link  where you can find all the content (FREE registration needed), from keynotes to breakout sessions; you will be able to access the insights and expertise you’re looking for:

    From our expert Algimantas Slabada view, we would like to recommend sessions that we find very inspiring:

    General Session 3: Demo – From the private datacentre to the edge:

    In this demo show you can expect to see full path – from developing a new cloud native app, to deployment to production in a multicloud environment, enhancing security policy, and testing failover capabilities. And the best – all that is wrapped up by Red Hat team in exciting live show with audience interaction.

    As usual, every show starts from good story – and the story was explained in first 8 mins. After that you can watch developing of cloud native app while explaining solution architecture somewhere around 9:30.

    Later on things evolving fast and here are some highlights:

    10:10 legacy VM was started on OpenShift cluster

    11:27 orchestrate microservices without writing any code (data mapper


    12:18 OpenShift workspaces and in-browser IDE for rapid cloud application development.


    16:30 Edge computing and 17:30 very small edge computing deployment that you can lift by hand

    19:30 Red Hat Advanced Cluster Management


    23:50 birth of new cluster

    32:10 Red Hat Advanced Cluster Management – Governance and Risk management

    34:00 policy creation and enforcement

    44:15 cluster failure simulation … London is officially offline

    48:00 wrap up and summary.

    Enjoy the show!