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Strengthening of the Geo-Environmental Monitoring Capacities

2011 / 03 / 16

With a view to encourage more active participation of citizens in public decision-making, maintain close contact with electors and ensure proper representation of their interests, district municipalities are involved in the implementation of e-democracy projects as well. Recently, one of these projects was implemented in the Kaunas District Municipality. The Project was implemented by Elsis IT and Elsis PRO, the companies belonging to the group of information and communication technology (ICT) companies Elsis.

E-democracy projects provide the possibility for citizens to voice their opinion on any issues related to the life of a state, present comments on political decisions, and participate actively in the political and public life of municipalities. The e-democracy project implemented in the Kaunas District Municipality comprises three new electronic services for individuals and businesses: (1) the legislation search system enables to efficiently find the required document, (2) e-meeting provides the possibility to observe Council meetings in real time and thus to assess the work of politicians, form one’s political attitudes and efficiently obtain necessary information, (3) e-consultation enables to voice one’s opinion, submit one’s comments and proposals to government representatives. The video and audio broadcasting and publication of Council meetings as well as feedback will ensure the impact of the public on political decisions, enhance the transparency of activities of public administration institutions and create effective communication.

During the Project, the electronic system for broadcasting, publication and archiving of Council meetings, discussions and voting was implemented in the Kaunas District Municipality. Controlled cameras, the discussion and voting system, and the sound system were installed and the video projector and monitors displaying voting results were fitted out in the meeting-room of the Council. In addition, the website was updated and the modern content management system was installed.

All these measures will not only facilitate the work of the Council deputies during meetings and make it smoother, more effective and efficient but also it will provide a number of new possibilities for all the residents of the Kaunas district municipality. From now on, on the updated website, the residents will be able to observe real-time broadcasts or video recordings of Council meetings, voice their opinion on various issues related to the Municipality’s activities, provide their remarks or comments on the legislation drafted by the local government institutions and decisions being considered or those that have been already adopted.

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