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The Project on Development and Implementation of the Public Procurement Risk Management Information System has been Successfully Completed

2014 / 04 / 04

UAB Elsis PRO together with the joint venture partners UAB S4ID and UAB Elsis completed the project on development and implementation of the Public Procurement Risk Management Information System for the Public Procurement Office (the PPO), which will make it possible to conduct public procurement more efficiently and transparently.

The following tasks have been completed during the project:

  • Analysis of the procurement process and developed procurement risk model and methodology,
  • Developed and implemented procurement risk management information system (VPRV IS), which is integrated into the CVP IS and other information systems,
  • Prepared required documents and legislation acts, necessary for validation of IS, also comprehensive technical documentation,
  • Provided trainings for system users.

Project partners had fulfilled all their obligations. Provided services fully met customer expectations and were in line with the technical specification.

Public procurement risk management information system – is the missing link, which will become a major tool in assuring fair procurement process and boosting procurement process efficiency.

While performing public procurements, information systems accumulate a lot of valuable information. This information, if used properly and purposefully, and applying developed public procurement risk management model at each stage of procurement process, can objectively and accurately identify high-risk public procurements, risky contracts and contracting organizations, participating in these procurements. The Public Procurement Information System have the means to publicize a summary of procurement information about the risk of damage to the public.

Public procurement risk management system is designed according to the security, usability, reliability requirements of modern standards and best practices (BS EN ISO 9241-110:2006 Human-system interaction ergonomics, §110. Dialogue principles (ISO 9241-110:2006), Web Content Accessibility guidelines 2.0).

The designed system has possibilities to improve and upgrade currently used procurement risk management model, easily extend the functionality, ensure integration with other systems.

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