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UAB ‘NRD’ specialists will create a mortgage register in Rwanda following Lithuanian standard

2012 / 10 / 16

The developer of Lithuanian mortgage register, information technology company “NRD”, has won a competition and was awarded a 1.3 million litas worth contract to create analogous electronic mortgage registry system in Rwanda.
The new system, created by the ‘NRD’ in Rwanda, will provide main registration and distribution of information services, effectively control the mortgage registration, system integration and data exchange processes among major partner institutions: Business register, Land register, providers of financial services and the institute of Statistics.
‘Successful experience in designing, creating and maintaining Lithuanian mortgage registry for many years, that we have applied to the situation of Rwanda, has helped us to take this competition. I am happy that we have already accumulated a lot of experience in creating registry strategies, registry exploitation and creation of modern information technology, which we can transfer to third countries’, – commented the CEO of UAB ‘NRD’ Alvydas Arnoldas Šidlauskas.
‘The government of Rwanda, after the genocide, exercised in the previous decade, has decided to stabilize and re-create the economy of the state using modern technologies. In the proposal of Lithuanian company ‘NRD’ we have found effective examples of good practices, relevant to our country, too’, – said the head of the Rwandan delegation in Lithuania, and the supreme officer of the registers maintenance office, Yves Sangano.
This is the second project where the experts from the UAB ‘NRD’ are supplying Rwanda with their services. In 2009, when Rwanda was undergoing a reform of business registration, Norwegian company ‘Norway Registers Development’ provided consultation services. Meanwhile, Lithuanian company it owns, ‘NRD’, executed analysis, creation and introduction activities, while creating three systems: business registers system, mortgage and other secured transactions system, and intellectual property rights register.
‘The project implemented by the ‘NRD’ in 2009 was especially successful on the national level. Country’s business environment evaluations conducted by the World Bank show that, because of the reforms implemented, Rwanda is rapidly going up the ratings’ charts – it has risen form the 70th place in 2010 to 45th place in 2012. Meanwhile, according to the ‘Establishing Business’ criteria, after the ‘Rwandan business registry project’, implemented by the ‘Norway Registers Development’ AS and UAB ‘NRD’, Rwanda has risen to the 8th place in the world’, – rejoiced Y. Sangano.
On the 15th-17th of October Rwandan registry regulation office delegation is visiting Lithuania, where the heads of the UAB ‘NRD’ will present the examples of good practices, successfully operating in Lithuania. One of them – Lithuanian Mortgage registry, created, further developed by the company ‘NRD’, and operating since the 1998. Rwandan delegation is also going to visit the National Land Agency under the Ministry of Agriculture, where they are going to become acquainted to the national land organization and administration practices.
Main shareholder of the ‘NRD’ – ‘Norway Registers Development’, that is owned by the Lithuanian ‘BAIP group’. The latter works in the field of critical information systems for the governments and large organizations, and, as a business development and marketing company, through the companies it owns, it actively acts in Lithuania, East and Central Africa, and Indochina peninsula.

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