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Vilnius companies use digitised documents for more efficient operations

2022 / 06 / 21

Vilnius companies are seeking to increase their operational efficiency by digitising documents. In 2021-2022, Vilniaus vandenys UAB and Vilniaus šilumos tinklai AB, together with the Novian group companies, have been preparing nearly 1 million documents for digital use.

This digitised information will be much easier to access and faster to find, so it will expedite the operational processes. The digitisation projects for two companies operating in the capital, Vilniaus vandenys UAB and Vilniaus šilumos tinklai AB, are being implemented by Novian Technologies, together with other companies of the Novian group: Novian Eesti and Zissor.

With this project, Vilniaus vandenys UAB is aiming to develop the means to quickly exchange the most important data, streamline its processes and avoid manual work. Once completed, the processes will be available in a common system, making them easier to work with. During the project that is being implemented together with the Novian companies, the undertaking is planning to digitise about 520 thousand documents.

In 2021, during a project that was completed at the end of the year by the Novian companies, almost 450 thousand documents were transferred to the digital archive at Vilniaus šilumos tinklai AB, with particular attention paid to the documentation of facilities.

“Previously, a lot of work had to be carried out manually; for example, if someone needed to see a file, it first had to be ordered in the archive, then found, collected and taken to the office. This requires time, as well as human and other resources. The digital archive will allow the company to operate much more efficiently, as the documents and the information contained in them are now available more easily and significantly more quickly. This means we can dedicate the time we save to other projects,” said Andrejus Dolgovas, Head of the Digitisation and Technology Team at Vilniaus šilumos tinklai AB.

“Digitisation of documents is an inevitable process in a modern organisation. Once the data is prepared for digital use, it allows us to further develop our analysis and optimisation processes, and thus increase the efficiency of the organisation. In addition, such data can be accessed, used, analysed and integrated into other systems much more quickly, which speeds up the processes within the organisation and reduces the cost of using paper archives,” said Aivaras Smirnovas, Head of IT Operations at Novian Technologies.

According to him, since the Novian group companies have been implementing digitisation projects in various countries for a few decades, they have the capability to carry out complex large-scale digitisation projects within the region by adapting the developed materials for further use.

The Novian group companies implement projects in various business, e-government, e-health, tax and other areas, as well as developing solutions in the field of artificial intelligence. The group’s companies are located in the Baltic States, Norway and Moldova. In 2016-2021, the projects implemented by the Novian companies covered more than 50 countries ranging from Europe to Africa, Asia and America.

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