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Work from home it setup recommendations for organizations

2020 / 03 / 16

As things stand at present, businesses throughout the world are facing the situation that will show whether their IT systems are actually critical, in other words, whether they are resistant and capable to ensure business continuity factors under emergencies.

In response to coronavirus COVID-19-related situation, we mobilised our professional teams to ensure uninterrupted delivery of regular and additional services over the period of risk. Our clients’ IT systems documentations, service instructions and regulations are currently being revised.

We have also prepared the below recommendations focusing on the key aspects that must be taken into consideration in assessing the available IT infrastructure to get it prepared for the likely necessity for the maximum number of employees working from home.

We are inviting you to read them and, if necessary, contact BAIP staff for consultations, without undue delay. We are ready to provide professional consultations and we put maximum efforts to ensure business continuity of all the customers that will contact us.

We advice you to carry out further testing of your IT infrastructure capabilities, the available tools AND skills of the employees in using them:

  • Virtual private network VPN: whether the solution (or an alternative safe remote access tool) has been implemented and whether it has been installed in the employees’ mobile workstations and whether they have skills in working in this environment?
  • Is any sufficient external network in place?
  • Is your IT infrastructure capable of being used by all your employees through the external login all day long?
  • Are any functioning conference solutions in place?
  • Do you have sufficient number of mobile workstations?
  • Is access to the company’s data provided with the required level of security?
  • Do you have necessary and functioning tools for recording of the operations by IT administrators in place?

Should you have any concerns or need our support, do not hesitate to contact us: (8 5) 219 0000. For your convenience, BAIP service center is ready for uninterrupted operations with due responsibility during all this critical period.

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