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Modernization of financial services provided by Kyrgyz Post

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Novian Technologies, together with another company belonging to the INVL Technology group – Etronika, has digitized the provision of Kyrgyz postal financial services to the country’s population. In a mountainous country with a population of more than 6 million, some of whom live in remote areas, this has led to faster access to financial services, reduced administrative costs, and increased the reliability of financial postal services provided. The project implemented by Lithuanian companies is one of several major projects in the Kyrgyzstan financial sector development program financed by the World Bank.


Kyrgyzstan is a region of mountainous areas, a large part of the country’s population is located in hard-to-reach places, far from the main cities of the country. Post offices located throughout the country are also convenient in that they also provide financial services to the population.


As the country is being modernized, the system used by the Kyrgyz post no longer met the needs of the growing population. Accelerating processes required prompt, efficient, wide-ranging services provided at post offices. Besides, manual services provided at some post offices did not comply with important international requirements for financial services, such as international anti-money laundering regulations.


To digitize and accelerate the provision of basic financial services to the country’s population, the state-owned company Kyrgyz Pochtasy used the help of IT infrastructure solutions company Novian Technologies (then BAIP) and the financial technology company Etronika.

Novian Technologies (previously – BAIP) acted as a general contractor in this project, responsible for coordinating the implementation of the project and the implementation of the technological part, i.e. the design, supply, and installation of critical IT infrastructure.

During the project, the company created a modern base IT infrastructure, as well as a backup and business continuity infrastructure, and modernized workplaces, security systems, performed cabling, and other works required for modern infrastructure.

The Etronika company has adapted and implemented a postal management solution in the Kyrgyz post, connecting more than 100 partners providing over 200 services in the postal network.


During the project, Novian Technologies fully installed and modernized 550 post offices, some of them in mountainous, hard-to-reach areas. The new system allows the post office to centrally manage the services of partners and gave postal customers access to financial services.

Following the project to digitize postal services, Kyrgyzstan has acquired tools to quickly organize the integration of local finance transfer service providers and to simplify work with business customers providing financial services through the postal network.

The solution implemented and adapted during the project also ensures that the provided financial services comply with international and national anti-money laundering requirements.

The nationals of the country have felt the benefits of changes in reality through the accessibility and simpleness of the services, and the state found the benefits in saved money, quality of financial services, and data safety.

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