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    Development and design of high-reliability solutions

    Organizations for whose processes the continuous operation of IT equipment is extremely important are not satisfied with the usual reliability of the system - they need a guarantee that the operation will not be interrupted even in the event of equipment failures.

    To avoid this, high-reliability solutions are designed in which a part of the equipment remains inactive and activates only when a fault is detected in one of the active components.

    This ensures that critical data in the organization is adequately protected and that IT systems are adapted to different loads.

    While designing critical IT infrastructure collections of clusters of active and passive components, the critical equipment (servers, data warehouses, network infrastructure, etc.) is duplicated and monitoring software is installed that can identify when one of the equipment components fails.

    Interference shall be resolved without active human intervention, avoiding interruption of the operation of the equipment, or minimizing its duration. That is, faulty equipment is automatically disconnected from the system and replaced by similar, previously inactive passive equipment.

    High reliability solutions are designed for individual needs:

    • Hyperconverged Infrastructure (HCI) Solution - depending on the needs of your organization, we can implement an HCI solution based on both the acquisition and service delivery principles. An HCI solution based on the service delivery principle will allow the provision of a cloud service to the internal customers of the organization, and the amount of the fee for the HCI service depends on the actual use of resources.
    • Backup Data Center - an additional data center is designed to protect critical data. In the event of a major data center failure or loss of required data, copies are available from the backup data center, thus ensuring business process continuity.
    • Hybrid cloud solution - includes both world-class (AWS, Azure, IBM Cloud, or other vendors) and local data centers in Lithuania.
    • Flexible IT infrastructure architecture - as the organization's data volumes change, high-reliability solutions make it easier and faster to adapt to rapidly changing resource needs.