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    Migration of critical IT infrastructure and information systems

    Critical IT infrastructure migration services are important to many companies and organizations. We aim to be a relevant IT partner for businesses and organizations, therefore we have developed the proprietary IT infrastructure and IS migration service methodology "MigrITIS" and provide the highest level of various types of migration services.

    Types of migration services:

    • From outdated unsupported hardware to newer, more advanced hardware;
    • From on-premises infrastructure to cloud service (IaaS);
    • From old software version to newer;
    • From platform to platform, changing the solution;
    • From Legacy platforms to cloud service;
    • From Legacy to container platforms;
    • From a data center to the data center, including both equipment and data;
    • Consolidating the systems.

    This "MigrITIS" methodology, which has been in place since 2020, provides planning and management methods, tools, and concepts for the simple migration of IT infrastructure and / or information systems to another, often more advanced, new solution-based environment.
    The methodology describes good practices, tools, devices, and project management methods that help the migration project team to implement the planning process and manage key aspects of the migration project.
    "MigrITIS" is based on the experience of „Novian Technologies“ specialists, as well as on international project management standards, best practices of well-known global manufacturers. It is not tied to a specific manufacturer, so it can be adapted to the migration of all technologies on the market.
    The development of this methodology was based on world-renowned methodologies, principles, processes, and good practices, and the main components and models of service management methodologies are applied.