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    High performance computing platforms for scientific research

    The main advantage of high-performance computing (HPC) clusters is the processing of large amounts of data. This opportunity is especially needed in areas where numbers can turn into world-changing innovations or insights. From medicine, engineering, banking, cybersecurity to education and the protection of the environment, HPC can help researchers perform relevant research calculations faster and more accurately, expanding the breadth and depth of data analysis.

    “Novian Technologies” IT architects design HPC clusters by adapting them to the relevant needs, specific models, and algorithms. It also helps move new HPC computing resources from the standard HPC architecture to resources based on graphical accelerators.

    “Novian Technologies” also takes responsibility for the entire process - from design to equipment supply, installation, and maintenance. This means that the company's specialists can ensure the careful implementation of each step and their coherence with each other.

    The design process involves the analysis and evaluation of HPC cluster concept, which, if necessary, is refined. At this stage, the calculation modules planned to be used are examined, the potential financial benefits of the HPC cluster, and other economic parameters are assessed.

    The vision of the HPC cluster is realized with the help of the most suitable equipment from different manufacturers. This configuration allows you to select the most useful elements that fit and work together to maximize the performance of the HPC cluster. The installed equipment is finally adapted to calculate the intended architectural model and customer tasks.

    Having completed and well-understood the operation of the HPC cluster used by the customer, “Novian Technologies” specialists maintain it in case of failures, promptly eliminate them if any, and, as the customer's needs change, help to implement them efficiently.