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    Information terminal service

    Information terminals are integrated terminals for the provision of self-service.
    "Novian Technologies" enables the use of I-Kiosk / IOSK in organizations as a service.
    This type of service at customer service points is particularly popular and widely applicable by banks, insurance companies, retailers, state-owned enterprises, and organizations.

    Benefits provided by information terminals to organizations:

    • Cost savings: information terminals are designed according to the unique needs of the customers of the organization. After analyzing them with the organization, the hardware and software, produced by world-class manufacturers for the best solution of a specific need, are integrated into a unified system.
    • Effectively used resources: the organization does not need to allocate additional human resources if information terminals are maintained properly.
    • Higher internet service accessibility: a wide and properly developed information terminal network allows the company to provide the self-service capability to its clients in a fast, convenient, and safe way. These terminals are always accessible to users according to the premediated service provision conditions. This way better service accessibility is ensured so that the customers use them more often and have a larger return from their activities.
      An "i-Kiosk as a service" package includes the info-terminal design, creation, installation, and constant maintenance works, as well as hardware and software.