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    Provision and installation of critical IT infrastructure solutions

    Organizations that are digitizing their operations and moving to technology-based solutions have many opportunities to operate more efficiently, competitively, and better meet customer needs. However, potential threats and their impact on the business continuity of organizations are often underestimated in this process.

    Damage to critical systems or the IT infrastructure that supports them can not only disrupt ongoing processes but also lead to the loss of important data from the past. Organizations seeking to avoid disruptions and associated financial and reputational losses are recommended to invest in the proper design and implementation of critical IT infrastructure.

    BAIP systems architects analyze each organization individually, taking into account its critical processes, potential threats, and potential impact on business continuity. The existing IT infrastructure and its vulnerabilities are also assessed.

    The company's more than a decade of experience in working with national central banks, tax administrations, and large business organizations with especially high and strict requirements provided for critical systems, allows us to offer each customer the most appropriate and field-tested IT infrastructure solutions.

    Deploying critical IT infrastructure includes servers, data warehousing, computing networks, hyper-converged infrastructure (HCI), or hybrid cloud solutions. Each of its elements plays its part and ensures the smooth operation of the most important processes of the client's organization in all conditions.

    “Novian Technologies's” extensive network of partnerships allows each company or organization to select the most appropriate IT equipment. Besides, the compatibility of the various devices with each other pays close attention to the interoperability and reliability of the equipment.

    Finally, as a partner of many large manufacturers, “Novian Technologies” constantly provides its specialists with the latest knowledge and expertise needed not only to install technological equipment but also to smoothly solve its failures.