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Modernization of Bangladesh national data center

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With the development of a comprehensive e-services delivery system in Bangladesh, the need has arisen for an efficient organization to connect e-services data centers to the state-owned cloud. Novian Technologies has redesigned and integrated the public cloud infrastructure so that public institutions can use it conveniently and efficiently. The result of the project is the simple use of the state cloud in state institutions, understandable pricing, efficient use of state resources, convenient integration of systems and software into the state cloud.


Bangladesh is one of the most colorful and at the same time one of the poorest countries in the world. The most vulnerable groups in the country’s society – women, seniors, people with disabilities – constantly faced difficulties when it came to using the basic, most important services of state institutions.

The digital strategy of Bangladesh has been actively developed in the country for the last ten years. Since 2010, 5,400 electronic population service centers have been established here, ensuring better access to information, commercial, and government services for the country’s population, regardless of their education.

These centers provide access to more than 150 public and private services: land ownership, birth and death registers, issuance of identity documents, electronic medical services, insurance, etc. In these centers today, residents can also open a bank account.

Electronic service centers are located in a certain way in the country, being no more than four kilometers away from any rural area. They often operate in the evenings and during the holidays, allowing residents to access services after their business hours. Thus, e-service centers provide the opportunity to use the services efficiently, free of charge, save time, and spend less money.

The services of these centers are used by the country’s population on average 5.1 million times a month. It is estimated that over the last seven years, the time taken to receive public services in the country has decreased by an average of 85 percent, costs have decreased by 63 percent, and the number of physical visits to institutions has decreased by 40 percent. Electronic service centers have saved Bangladeshis more than USD 2 billion in 7 years of existence!


With the creation of such a large and complex system of electronic services in Bangladesh, there was a need to establish a separate organization uniting electronic services data centers with the public cloud (GovCloud). The new organization needed an efficient business model.


Novian Technologies (previously – BAIP) restructured and integrated the state cloud infrastructure so that state institutions could use it conveniently and efficiently: prepared a business strategy combining services, and accompanying marketing strategy, created a service catalog, and an efficient pricing strategy.

A self-service portal, a service payment model, and a cloud management information system have been installed and implemented. Training for data center managers and IT specialists in technology, business development, customer service, and sales were organized.

An open-source orchestration platform has been implemented, creating a sustainable, future-proof solution.


Quick and simple use of the state cloud in state institutions, understandable pricing, efficient use of state resources, convenient integration of systems and software into the state cloud.

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