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Even more EU Structural Funds investment management processes have been transferred to the digital space

2022 / 01 / 19

From now on, the Lithuanian institutions administering the European Union (EU) Structural Funds investments and the recipients of these funds will carry out even more processes, from the submission of the application to the completion of the reports, only digitally. Elsis PRO, a company belonging to the Novian software and IT infrastructure services group, provided such opportunities.

The company has modernised the EU Structural Funds Management and Monitoring Information System (SFMIS). The value of the system modernisation works, which took almost three years, commissioned by the Lithuanian Ministry of Finance amounts to more than €1 million.

“We have successfully substantially modernised the system that ensures the smooth management of structural EU investments in Lithuania: supervision, payment requests, and reporting. From now on, EU project promoters, administrators, and supervisors can do virtually anything in the digital space: from application to completion reports at the end of a project. Furthermore, the performance of the system has accelerated, resulting in various other improvements,” said Rimvydas Jančiauskas, CEO of the information systems and software development company Elsis PRO.

The system is used by the Central Project Management Agency, the European Social Fund Agency, the Research Council of Lithuania, the Lithuanian Business Support Agency, and other institutions, and the clients thereof, administering EU structural funds investments in Lithuania. The modernisation of the system, taking into account the specificities of each institution, has further automated the application process and moved it to the electronic space.

The updated system is also intended to collect, process and store statistical and financial data on the use of funds from Operational Programme for EU Structural Funds Investments, co-financing and national funds for 2014-2020, as well as the implementation and monitoring of programmes and projects financed by these funds during the post-project period. The system ensures the reporting, accounting and control of processes, data collection and submission in accordance with data processing and security legislation. At the beginning of January this year, about 9.9 thousand projects with a total value of over €6.1 billion were registered in the system for funding.

According to R. Jančiauskas, the modernisation of the system required not only technological knowledge but also knowledge of EU structural funds financing and administration activities and processes. “In addition, the upgrades were carried out while the existing system was fully operational, so installation work had to be well planned so as not to hamper the EU project funding process,” the CEO said.

With the modernisation of the system, a substantially updated Data Exchange Platform (DMS) allows users to provide data electronically and quickly receive feedback. “This platform was developed on a basis of an intuitive structure and used advanced technologies,” R. Jančiauskas said.

Elsis PRO joined the Novian Group in late 2021. The company has developed solutions and products in the fields of aviation, defence, and risk management. Elsis PRO participated in the development of the integrated tax information system of the State Tax Inspectorate, and in 2020, developed and modified the system of the Public Investment Development Agency to service long-term loans issued by the institution for the renovation of apartment buildings.

The Novian Group operates in three directions: programming, technology, and digitisation. The Group companies provide customers with general IT solutions according to their specific needs: from city or country scale, information systems programming solutions, document digitisation and data processing to IT infrastructure development and maintenance.

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